You have a gift.

It is a gift that is not found in the past or in the future, but is found within each breath, within each moment. 

Listening deeply without judgement will allow you to learn the nature of your gift. That's all there is to it. Listen. Breathe. Smell. Feel. Taste. Think.

When you finally know your gift you will not be surprised. You may remember knowing it when you were 8 or 9 years old. 

You'll know it's your gift because it provides relief to both you and those around you. 

When you look deeply into the nature of your gift you will find that it does not cost money and can be given away freely. 

It might be art. It might be gardening. It might be listening deeply without judgement. It might be play or song. It might be stillness. 

You have a gift -- listen deeply to learn the nature of your gift.