Like Water

Becoming fluid allows people and situations to exist as they are without judgement or trying to change them.

A second quality of water: stillness. This means being gentle and holding emotions softly. When you find yourself in an emotionally charged situation – look toward stillness and peace.

From a Persian mystic: “Troubled? Then stay with me for I am not”

Most people in distress want to sit near still water because it provides an environment to explore their own paths (i.e., what I call ones' "river") in a safe place.

Reflectiveness. Become the non-judgmental mirror. Ask questions instead of making statements. Repeat what you've heard. Pause before speaking. These actions support the person you are communicating with in a positive way and creates an environment for healing.


  • Fluidity 
  • Stillness
  • Reflectiveness

Be like water.