Become the better you seek

Seekers often seek a destination, a place, often some time in the future, when things are “better.” Humans seem to have the need to seek such a place, believing that “progress,” art and other achievements will lead to this place that is better. But this fictional place has never and will never exist because it is always changing and is solely based on some vague subjective notion of what is better. 

Perhaps you believe that the world should be a more fair place. That sounds reasonable. But what is fair? Can you define fair? What does a universe look like in this illusionary world of fair? Would it look like that to other people seeking such a world? Or, would it have looked like that to people living 200 years ago? In someways, the answer is probably yes. In other ways, no. How about in 200 years? Would you be the judge of this fair world that you created? Or would it be a committee? 

Take a breath and breathe in the meaning of your better. Become your better with each action you take. With every interaction become your better self. Each movement of your body. Each word you utter. This is the better you likely seek.